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1952 Perth Penny Date Varieties

      Here is a summary of the different style dates found on the 1952 Perth pennies. This is derived from work by Paul Holland and a separate classification developed by Murray Pearce. The only real difference is that Paul Holland describes some wide date pennies exhibiting doubling as wide thick 2.
      Two reverse dies were used at the Perth mint for the 1952 pennies. The vast majority (greater than 93%) have the London reverse. The most interesting are those struck with the Melbourne reverse.

Easily the most common. Greater than 93 % of the 1952A pennies are Wide 2.
Most common of the Melbourne reverse (about 3% to 4% of the total mintage).
Appears to be struck by a damaged Pointed Serif die. A careful look at the fields (visible in the image here) shows evidence that the die was rusted. Technically a die chip, but an interesting coin. Scarce.
Described as Pointed Serif, Tilted Right in the old catalogues. Murray Pearce correctly described it as misaligned pointed serif 2. The tilting is actually an optical illusion caused by the proximity of the rim. A very scarce coin, entire mintage appears to be due to just one die
Possibly the most difficult of the five to find. I've never seen one of these in high grade. Very scarce, again the mintage seems to be due to just one die.

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